Yoga @ the Chapel

Stretching your mind and body

Have you ever tried Chair Yoga? Now you can with convenient classes at Siesta Key Chapel with instructor Helen Kesler.

The yoga classes offered at Siesta Key Chapel are appropriate for all levels of students. Whether you are a first time student or advanced, Helen tailors the classes to make them beneficial for all. The classes last 90 minutes and they include time for a “Buddy Stretch” and “Savasana” the resting pose. Helen’s classes are not your everyday yoga classes and for this reason we ask that you try her class at least three times to appreciate their value. The first class is complimentary and then a suggested “Love Offering” of $10 and $5 for Chapel members.
Chair yoga classes are only an hour long. They are very beneficial to the body without having to get down on the floor. Pricing structure is the same as the regular yoga classes.


Tuesday 5:30 - 7:00 pm

Chair Yoga
Thursday 11:00 -12:00 Noon

I feel so very fortunate that we have such a high level yoga class right here in our Siesta Key Chapel neighborhood. My husband and I enjoy taking Helen's class twice a week to keep our muscles stretched and toned. I cannot think of a more lovely and enchanted environment to gather for our class.
Kathy Clampitt

I have been a regular yoga student of Helen Kesler for 8 years. Since I started taking class with her, I have experienced a lot of other yoga teachers locally and in my travels. I have never found a more attentive instructor, who is genuinely interested in improving the physical lives of her students. As a massage therapist, Helen is very anatomically aware, so that when a student has an injury or weakness, she is very able to make accommodations and contribute to rehabilitation. I think one of the most impressive successes for me has been the vast improvement in my flexibility, beyond anything I could have imagined when I started with her over age 50. When I suffered a major skiing injury, Helen's personal rehab efforts helped ensure a speedier and healthier recovery. She tailored chair yoga classes for me so that I could continue to practice yoga and slowly work back to my preinjury abilities. Having studied yoga almost her whole life, she is able to switch up the classes so that there is always something new to learn. I've been to many other classes where the instructor doesn't correct form or assist individuals. Helen is very focused in ensuring that each individual's yoga experience is the best it can be for that person.
Phyllis Kessler

My wife and I have taken yoga classes all over the world; Helen's class at Siesta Key Chapel ranks #1. Each class is different and she tries to address all of our individual needs. 
Bill Clampitt