The Path at SKC

Meditate, exercise or just enjoy the scenery


Surrounded by beauty, we respond in humility and gratitude for this unique property. As stewards of God's land, we create a path that maintains the complementary natural relationship between plants, space and structures

... a place of presence where our souls are drawn.


Here are some pictures taken on the inaugural walk of the SKC PATH on 5/14/2017 which happened to be Mother's Day.

(1) What is The PATH?

Siesta Key Chapel’s new PATH is comprised of shell on ground that is prepped by eco-friendly grubbing followed by grading. Once the shell is laid, the path is re-graded. Walking on the path compresses the shell creating a more solid surface.

(2) Where is The PATH?

One beginning point is located on the inside of the property berm at Gleason/Ocean Blvd. Another can be found in front of the buildings by the 8-foot bench.

(3) Why is it named The PATH?

The simple name “The PATH” can have many meanings. We foresee this path will be used in lots of ways including, but not limited to: physical exercise, special worship services, nature study, meditation, prayer, inspiration, relaxation, reflection, reading, and fellowship. The PATH is for whatever you do to nurture your mind, body and spirit.

(4) I am disabled. How can I use The PATH?

If you can get to a bench (once we have a few more benches) come and sit with your spouse, friend or grandchild. Reflect, take in the beauty of the surroundings. Keep your eye out for an eagle or a fox. Pray, meditate. Make your spot an outdoor sanctuary.

(5) May strangers use The PATH?

As a welcoming church, we hope to see many “strangers” walking or jogging. In fact, once we have identified plants with signage, it would be nice for ODA students to take botanical walks. We hope this PATH will be inviting to curious passers-by. All can use it during daylight hours.

How is maintained?

The Chapel’s employed landscape service performs basic maintenance weekly. Volunteers are encouraged to step forward and help with additional maintenance!

What is something special about The PATH?

We have intentionally created a spoke from the PATH leading to and from The Memorial Garden. Also, new is a Chapel Courtyard located by the PATH between the Yoga classroom and the church offices. (Pat, can you ID this location better and avoid using “former children’s play area”?) Enjoy lunch with a friend or power snacking on your own at the picnic bench.

Is the PATH now complete?

Definitely not. A few donors have brought The PATH this far. With additional interest, The PATH can be embellished with furniture such as benches, tree huggers, a pergola, and inspirational and botanical signage, and plants, etc. We hope this SKC campus project will be ongoing.

Responses were provided PATH Committee Members

Please contact the Chapel office with questions, to volunteer or for information about providing for The PATH financially.