SKC Medical Resource

Carol Burkhart, Parish Nurse

Carole Burkhart is a Registered Nurse (RN) with 50 years of experience.

She is a Graduate of Albert Einstein Medical Center, Philadelphia;

Completed post-graduate training at Hahnamann Medical College in clinical perfusion (ran the heart-lung machine during open heart surgery);

Attended courses at Villanova in business and psychology.

Carole completed the Faith Community Nurse Preparation Course in 2008 at Georgia Baptist College of Nursing, Mercer University.
What the Siesta Key Chapel Parish Nurse does:

       1. Assists the Pastor in addressing the spiritual needs of the church

       2. Supports the Deacons as a medical resource

       3. Helps members of the congregation in the management of health problems and grief issues

       4. Visits congregational members in nursing homes, assisted living facilities, hospitals or their homes

       5. Provides health information in the monthly newsletter and special handouts

       6. Supports members of the church when changes in living situations are required

       7. Promotes spiritually-based values in all health care decisions