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SKC Events in Pictures

We hope you enjoy the photos below taken at various Chapel events. Feel free to use them for your personal use. However, use of these photos for commercial or any other purposes, without consent is prohibited. Please respect the privacy of the individuals shown in the photos.

11th Nov, 2017

14th May, 2017

16th April, 2017

16th February, 2017

15th February, 2017

6th February, 2017

1st January, 2017

1st January, 2017

12th December, 2016

24th October, 2016

16th October, 2016
Event Description

Alzheimer's Walk. 37 Chapel Striders
raised $7000. Photos

SKC PATH: Inaugural Walk. Photos

The Great Easter Egg Hunt. Photos

Physical installation of Organ Completed and ready for 'voicing'. Photos.

Organ installation in process. Photos

Unloading the Schantz Organ Truck
Photos: Set 1 (Ron Conners) and
Set 2 (Cliff Menezes)

Slideshow: Life Story of Julian Alexander

Julian Alexander's 100th Birthday Celebration

90's Celebration

Slideshow: 60th Anniversary of Rev. Dr. Margaret Elizabeth Towner's Ordination at the First Presbyterian Church in Syracuse, NY

Worship Service at SKC celebrating Dr. Towner's 60th Anniversary of her ordination